Oil Bath is specially designed with seamless stainless steel inner pot. Outer is made of stainless steel & gap between two wall filled with high heat resistive cera wool insulation, 96 density with 1200 C Temperature resistivity.

Construction : Double walled construction.
MOC : Seamless, died pressed inner Bath constructed with 1.2 mm thick, 304 quality stainless steel sheet. Top and outer body constructed with 1.0 mm thick, 304 quality stainless steel sheet.
LID & HANDLE : Suitable size LID constructed with 1.0 mm thick, 304 quality stainless steel sheet. Back life heat resistive Handle fitted at side of both & knob fitted at LID.
Control Box : Control box fitted at front side of the bath, fabricated from 1.0 mm thick, Galvanized iron sheet.
Finish : Inner bath fineshed with 240 grif mirror finish.Top & LID finished with 180 grift mirror finish. Outer Body and control box finished with powder coated paint finish.
Heater : Especially black heat designed electrically heated heaters, made from nichrome wire 80-20 'A' Grade. Heater are in spiral form insulsted with ceramic beads and fiber glass slewing. Wounded surround to inner bath, it helps to maitain uniformity of temperature over all bath.
Insulation : Insulation gap between two walls, 40 mm approx.
a) insulation material : High heat resistive Cara Wool Insulation
B) Make: Marugappa IMPORTEDs Ltd.
C) Densty : 64kg /m3
D) Maximum Temperature Resistant:1200oc
Controller : MICROPROCESSOR based PID Type Controller
Makes : Samarth Electronics
Display : 4 Digit RED LED 7 RED LED DISPLAY
Temp. Range : Ambient to 300o C
Temp. Accuracy : + / - 1 %
Resolution : 1o C
Sensor : PT - 100 (RTD type) Sensor
Power Supply : 230 volts AC.

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